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Does the Combo-Flo valve need to be installed in an upright position?
Ron – Columbia, SC

You can plumb your system any way you want with Combo-Flo Valves. They will operate in any attitude (up. down, sideways, etc.).

What kind of pressure do I need to operate Combo-Flo valve and how much volume is used?
Dale – Pittsburgh, PA

A good supply of 100 psi to 150 psi regulated CO2 or air is required. Regulator should have a gauge. Carry a spare bottle with you to the track. The Combo-Flo consumes very little volume of CO2/air.

Is there any easy way to check the valve’s operation in the pit?
Rhonda – Phoenix, AZ

The Combo-Flo Silver and the Combo-Flo Gold feature a clear cover that will allow you to observe the valve's operation as the T-Bar lifts the fuel and nitrous valve plungers.

Do I have to re-plumb my entire system to use Combo-Flo Valves?
Steve – Spencerport, NY

The Combo-Flo Singles are specifically designed the match inlet and outlet ports on the old electric solenoids you’re probably using. This will make upgrading to Combo-Flo’s an easy retrofit.

In your brochure you mentioned a jetted return line for the fuel side. Can you explain that?
Frank – Ft Smith, AR

We recommend adding a “jetted” fuel return line just ahead of the fuel inlet of the Combo-Flo to “bleed off” any unwanted air trapped in the fuel line, there is a detail photo in the Typical Systems section. This method makes the dangerous practice of purging fuel into the engine un-necessary.

Are there any special concerns I should be aware of in plumbing my systems?
Carl – Racine, WI

You can plumb your system any way you want with Combo-Flo Valves. We suggest that you locate the Combo-Flo valve's fuel circuit below the plate so that fuel in the line(s) between the Combo-Flo and the fuel metering jet will not drain out. Fuel is intentionally “trapped” (like a sink drain) providing instant fuel delivery to the engine.

Is your valve serviceable?
Mike – Tampa, FL

The Combo-Flo has a very long life and requires little maintenance. The Combo-Flo is fully re-buildable.  We offer repair kits, service tools, and for those that prefer, we offer re-build services. Note: O-Ring materials differ on the fuel and nitrous circuits, so when dis-assembling, do not mix them up.

Is your Actuator Valve compatible with 16 volt battery systems?
Dana – Pittsburgh, PA

The Actuator Valve operates on 9 to 18 VDC, so it is fine with your 16 volt battery.

I can't get a replacement 16 volt battery at this time and may have to a switch back to a 12 volt battery.  Compared to solenoid valves, does the Combo-Flo stuff use enough less electricity to help out the ignition?
Benny – Cleveland, OH

Using conventional solenoid valves, each nitrous nozzle system uses approximately 20 to 24 amps, which is a serious load on the battery, robbing the ignition of needed electrical power.  The Combo-Flo System uses so little electricity that it could be operated by a single 9 volt transistor radio battery!  And the less load on the battery, the more power available to the ignition.  If you have to use a 12 volt battery, the Combo-Flo System will help the ignition produce its maximum output.

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